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Japan Military

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/11/07 06:08 JST In Japan
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So what on earth does this all mean then?...

Remember the news last week about the Japanese Ministry of Defense developing a Gundam? Well this chap is wearing it!
I nearly choked on my cereal laughing when I read this at Gunota.

This is what the Japanese ministry of defense revealed as the weapon that the otaku community thought was going to be some form of mobile suit.
The "Gundam system" consists of a bullet proof vest, a helmet with built in GPS and physical status monitor telling you "you have been shot in the buttocks" or "you have been stabbed and are about to die" and sometimes "your little bro has been severed. you wa shock."
This project was called "Gundam" only because the developers named it that.

So now you know what type of cool weapons you'll be playing with if you join the Japanese defense forces. What are defense forces/army like in your region? I remember watching a load of "join the US army and pilot a stealth" type commercials when I was in the US for a while.

BTW, images of Destiny in the Galleries.


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