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Wendy's Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/11/05 02:26 JST In Japan
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Nothing better than a food article after todays Asuka fun n games.

So we've taken a look at KFC and Mc Donalds in Japan so that leaves Wendy's. So whats it like then?

Its actually quite nice. There are not a lot of Wendy's in Tokyo and they dont advertise on TV at all - which means no commercial to show you.
Wendy's full menu here which includes Teriyaki Burgers.

The fries were well done, burger was nice and the bar-bee-que chicken actually tasted better than what KFC had to offer.

I remember there being a Wendy's in Piccadilly back in London but I think it closed down. I wonder why Wendy's don't seem to be as popular as McD's or KFC. Is it popular where you are?

I'm not going to cover Burger King because we don't have any - competition was too fierce for them and they pulled out of Japan.
UPDATE: Looks like Burger King came back - thanks to sulk for the correction. I guess I will have to go and check them out before they decide to leave again ^^;


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