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Cup Nude

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2007/11/01 01:43 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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(NSFW x3) I think most of us have at one point in our lives tried instant noodles before. Some of us only eat it in an emergency while others love it. This "Cup Nude" however is probably not the type of instant noodle that you'd want to eat...

You've guessed it folks - a Tenga variation disguised as Nissin's Cup Noodle. The idea behind this is that you can keep these among your Cup Noodles at home and nobody would know that its actually a bukkake container. Just be careful not to mix these up with a real Cup Noodle could end up with nasty burns on your middle leg.

So how does it all work? Full instructions are available at the online shop where you can buy it (380 yen) and the simple translation is below.
1.Whip out your Dengeki Hime or idol pictures (depending on whether you are a 2D or 3D kinda person) and pop open the lid to Cup Nude.

2.A small hole greets you "herro!"
3.Pull out the sachet of gel from the hole...
4.Open the sachet and squeeze the gel into the hole.
5.Do your business. If you are at work or school when you get the urge, tell your colleagues that you have a stomach ache before going to the toilet or they will wonder why you have been gone for so long.
6.When you have completed you mission, pull out the inside of the Cup Nude and stick it in your bosses coat pocket.
7.If anybody ever catches you with a Cup Nude, tell them that its a new flavor and that the pink thing is actually a large mushroom. You may have to think of another excuse as to why your trousers are half way down though.
I have no idea whats inside the ladies version of Cup Nude...
Ladies Cup Nude pic from Genrei


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