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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2007/10/25 16:35 JST In Japan
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A sample of 4291 Japanese men and women took a survey to answer the question of what they definitely didn't want anybody else to see.
The results were as follows...
The breakdown of the people who answered "computer" and "mobile" were as follows.

computer [male 44.4%:female 37.2%]
mobile [male 30.5%:female 31.7%]

Some other interesting points from the survey below.

  • Out of the people who dont want anybody to see their computer, 53.8% of the men were in their twenties, 55.9% of women were in their teens.
  • Reasons for males to hide their computer were "have secret files" and for women the reason was "info on how much money I have."
  • The main differences in what men and women wanted to hide was:-
  • Men want to hide their collection box while women want to hide their refrigerator (decapitated head in icebox? (nice boat style)
  • Reasons for hiding the mobile was:-
  • Men - "people fill find out what I truly am" (a pedo?) and "love mails to GF must not be seen by others." Women - "all my private data is in my mobile." [li] The survey results showed that people over 60 didnt have anything they didnt want others to see.

So how about me?

  • Passwords to server and other bank related passwords
  • [li] Bukkake candy girl photos

I think thats about it. How about you?[/li]

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