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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/10/24 17:12 JST In Japan
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One thing that I found interesting when I started to indulge in Japanese culture is the way Japanese folks pay for a meal.

Rather than somebody getting the whole bill, Japanese people tend to pay for what they had. This is known as Warikan [割り勘].
If you are in Japan with friends at a restaurant, when you approach the till, more often than not, you will be asked "Betsu Betsu desuka?" which means "will you be paying separately?" or they may ask in a different way - "Go Issho desuka?" which means "are you paying all together?"

In the UK or US, I was accustomed to either party paying for the whole meal. While I think this is fine, I do come across people who *never* want to pay for the meal.
What do you usually do/prefer?

BTW, this picture of a till was taken last Sunday at a seafood place in Chiba by the beach.

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