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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/10/23 17:46 JST In Figures
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The addition of Kureha in my collection has made it a little bit more easy to decide what figure to grab in the event of an earthquake.
After half a year of waiting, the gorgeous Kureha is now in my possession.

Not too much to add as the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. The sculpt work and paint job is simply amazing.

Her eyes (both pairs) look utterly scrumptious and the way she is standing is just so moe.

I personally think she turned out looking cuter than the original Tony Taka illustration. Her expression kinda takes your breath away does it not?

Nearly forgot to mention that I stuck two photos from this post in the wallpaper pool - go make any size you want.

Sorry to dissapoint but you wont be seeing any Bukakke photos of Kureha here.

You can order at your fave online dealer

[li] HobbyLink Japan [/li]
[li] Anime USA [/li]
[li] Kid Nemo Company [/li]
[li] J List [/li]
[li] #''#B000QY16EE,クレハ,Amazon#''# [/li]
[li] Or set up an Amazon Associates account and order through your own aStore - learn how.[/li]

Thanks to MAX Watanabe and GOODSMILE for this most gorgeous offering.

I could go as far as to say that this is the most scrumptious figure I have had the pleasure of feasting my mince pies on.

The bow is a bit fragile so don't throw her about the room.

Hypnotic eyes (all four of em).

Its like shes looking at you for an answer to something.

The kink in her leg is moesome.

Obligatory pantsu shot.

Gorgeous legs.

Looks great on the desk.


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