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Japanese Phones

Fri 2007/10/19 03:30 JST

Its been a while since I went out to look for a phone and am still disappointed in the quality of designs available.

Once upon a time, the phones started to get thinner which was a good thing. But as manufacturers started to compete with each other, they started to stuff more and more crap into a phone causing the thickness to increase. All I want is a thin decent looking phone!


This phone - just like all other phones nowadays comes with a digital TV built in. But just like all other phones now - it's as thick as a brick.


Another example of a phone stuffed with cameras, players, digital money etc.
Most phones come with digital payment methods known as Eddy, Suica etc where you can purchase just about anything. Useful until your phone gets stolen.


The worst thing about Japanese phones is that the SIM card is tied to the darn phone. You cant take the sim and stick it in another domestic phone. The sim does work when I stick it in a phone outside of Japan however - this is so that my carrier can charge me an arm and a leg for using their service outside of Japan.


Used to think Japanese phones were cool but after seeing designs in the West such as the RAZR, J phones now look dull in comparison.


Another bland phone.


5.1 mega pixel camera built in. All phones make some sort of noise when a picture is taken and you cant disable it. Too many cases of up-skirt photos going on over here. Can you disable the noise of the camera in phones in your region?


More phones which all look the same. We need the iPhone to come and save us.
I'm still using the orange casio phone which was nice at first but is beginning to get on my nut due to the thickness.

Some phones were announced for the autumn - hope there are some decent ones to choose from.

Is there a decent selection of phones in your region?

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