Japanese Food Menus

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/10/17 15:27 JST In Japan
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One of the things I enjoy about Japan are the food menus - full of photos to help you decide what to eat.

I personally cant stand menus without pictures. If I go to a place I haven't been before, I'd rather there be pictures to help me choose.

The most recent unpleasant experience I had when ordering from a menu without pictures ended up with me staring at a plate of fish intestines.

Some people say that pictures on menus make the restaurant look cheap.

Pictures probably help stimulate the taste buds which leads to more sales I guess ^^;

Darn. Starting to feel hungry as I write this post.

Pictures help prevent you from choosing stuff like this.
I would have freaked out if I chose this by accident a few years ago but I love it now - raw fish eggs with half a raw egg on rice + wasabi!

Kimichi is quite popular in Japan too.

Now not all menus have pictures - like this sushi joint.

Some menus still have the traditional strip on the wall - these are plastic but very traditional places have wood instead.

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