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You know what an Itasha and an Itachari is but what on earth do you call one of these?

These trucks are known as Dekotora [デコトラ] which is an abbreviation for "Decoration Truck." These trucks are extravagantly painted with artworks of many kind but I still have yet to come across one with moe characters on it.

Apart from the artwork, many Dekotora are also also covered with lighting and customized with metal bits n pieces - I guess the owner of the truck wants to make a point of "don mess wid me."
You can see these from time to time on the highway but seldom in the city .

If you like the look of these trucks but dont have space for one - you can always try out the Dekotora game below.

First image from Isuqe's Flickr pool and the rest from Ztath.
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