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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/10/10 02:57 JST In Japan
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If you are keeping yourself in the loop with news in Japan by reading Japan Probe, you will already know that Japan will start to fingerprint and photo foreigners who enter Japan from round abouts the 20th of November.

Fingerprinting and mugshots have been put in place as a measure to deter/prevent terrorist attacks.
Am used to the fingerprinting/photo process when I enter the US but still not used to the attitude of the officers who treat you like a criminal by default. Never had any problems with the officers in Japan though.

I'm not exactly sure how fingerprinting somebody is going to stop evil intentions. If a person wants to blow him/herself up then a fingerprint is not exactly going to stop them from doing so.
I can see how it can play a part in preventing overstay - photos of overstayers can be published as soon as their permitted stay has exceeded for example.

How do you feel about having your fingerprint and photo taken when you enter a country? Had any problems so far entering the US?
I personally don't care as long as it doesn't add too much extra time when getting back in Japan after a trip.
I hold an alien registration card which means I line up with the Japanese nationals when I get in - wondering if that will change.
I like the way the word "Alien" is still used for foreigners. When I think of "Alien" I only think of one thing.

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