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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2007/09/07 18:00 JST In Japan
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Quiz time. This man is...
-Dead -Depressed that could not get hold of his limited edition Bukkake Lyric
-Just used his Bukkake Lyric and is feeling sleepy after (liquid on the floor next to him is not water)

One thing that I never saw when living in London or Seattle - people sleeping in public. My guess is either because of the fear of waking up to find all their belongings going missing - or because people just aren't that tired enough to sleep in public. Its very likely that when you visit Japan that you will see these tired beings lying around here n there.

Update: Apologies to JJ San for using his photos - I will remove them as soon as I fix the rest of the server.
These are mixed with photos taken by Hector, JJ San and by this search query at Flickr.
Oh, and if you are eating breakfast/dinner - and especially if its curry/porridge/stew/mash potatoes - then don't look at the last photo.

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