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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2007/09/06 19:20 JST In Mac
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Update: Video by James just added to the end of the post.
For those who don't follow the Apple scene and think that this is an iPhone - its actually the new touch screen iPod cleverly and cunningly named "iPod touch."

Announced today, the iPod touch seems to be an iPhone without the phone. The 3.5 inch touch screen display means that you can not only enjoy your anime with a bigger screen you can also enjoy your eroge pics on the move too.

When I first saw the new iPods I thought "iPod GET" but then had a look at the drive size - 16GB. How could apple launch a media player with only 16GB? They priced it at 399 USD - the same price as the iPhone (which had a price drop). The only difference seems to be the drive size. I suspect that the strategy here is to actually boost sales of the iPhone - why get an iPod when you can get an iPhone for the same price?
I dont plan to buy until the drive is upgraded to at least 60GB but then again I have the incurable disease "impulse buying-lingus."

This illustration is from the name Nami no ManiMani by illustrator Peko.

Video below of the iPod news reported in Japan - recording by James.
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