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Musha Miko Tomoe

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/09/05 19:20 JST In Figures
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As soon as my Musha Miko Tomoe arrived, I promptly tested out the full cast off feature. Clothing was a bit difficult to remove but it seemed to work well so her clothing went back on.

I then came across this review of the same figure and though "OH SHIII--!" and quickly proceeded to cast off my figure again to find slight traces of paint on the body but not as bad as the condition in that review. Looks like figure collectors are up against a new enemy. First there was leaning. Now there is Iro Utsuri (色移り) [いろうつり] which is used to describe the phenomenon of color rubbing off one object onto another. Is there a word for that in English?

Her clothes stay off until I figure out a way to put her clothes back on without the fear of paint rubbing off on her skin. Currently using a band of tissue around her eyes - looks kinda cute ^^;

You can get pics of her with her clothes on at AkibaHobby.

Oil is applied slightly to some figures before they are packed. This is done for a few reasons - one being that it makes it easy to remove the clothing. My guess is that the heat causes the oil to react with the paint. The other guy must have had a really hot room to have his figure ending up like that.

Called the MegaHouse customer service center just now. They said that the figure was not made to be displayed in her birthday suit so the iro utsuri cant be helped...
Sod it, I may just end up getting another one to display with her clothes on.

For those who dont know, Tomoe is a character from the illustration/story books called Queens Blade.

You can see some traces of the paint here and there.

This figure is released by MegaHouse. Have not heard much about them and nice to see that they are coming out with quality sculpts - they just need to fix the paint problem.

The sculpt and paint work is fantastic.

And now for the cast off photos - nosebleed function enabled for members only.

Wondering what to do about the paint rubbing of - she does look great with her clothes on too.
Was thinking of using thinner to remove as much of the color from the inside of the garments or using top coat.
Top coat would be sprayed in the inside of the clothing and not the figure - not brave enough to try something like that.

The sculpting on the clothing is also fantastic.
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