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Series with Horrible Ending

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/11/26 09:12 JST In Anime
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We've talked about the worst anime but how about the ones which start out good and then turn to poo?
The ones that immediately spring to mind for me are Macross Zero and Top Wo Nerae2 - both started off great and then turned into a steaming pile of baboon droppings towards the end.

Original text from Anime4Life below.

By ending i mean how the story ends not the song =X

just finished Romeo X Juliet today.... the series was fine until the last 3 episodes which didn't make any sense to me at all, it felt like they are desparately trying to kill R&J -.
that brings me to this thought! have u seem an ending to a story thats soooo horrible that u wish you can write it instead?? heh I rmb the ending for Saikano was bad becuz of the random Tsunami.... and ending for Inuyasha was horrible beczu .... well it didn't end anything =/

Share your ideas XD see if it cna change our views on some series!! heh

Pic of Kallen
PS: is it me or is the image bugged..?


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