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Dengeki Hime

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2007/09/01 18:30 JST In Eroge
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And theres me thinking that Megami Magazine was the Playboy for 2D girls - how wrong I was ^^;

Dengeki Hime is probably the true Playboy for 2D fans as is packed with bare eyes. Its out on the 30th of the month, full of posters and also come with goodies.
I saw some previous editions of Dengeki Hime when I was in Akiba last weekend and I notice how they changed their strategy to include more pinup posters - I guess its to compete with Megami Magazine?

This months Dengeki Hime comes with a shitajiki (下敷き) - its a hard plastic board that is traditionally used to slide in a notebook. One side of this shitajiki is Ito Noiji-sans Alice Parade.

And the other side is this illustration of Miori-chan. I forgot to enable the nosebleed function for a post in the previous eroge post (its enabled now) but made sure that I didn't miss one this time round.

Amane Kujo from Kamipani.

I think this is Marie from Dies Irae.

The girls from Harukazedorini Tomarigi wo [はるかぜどりに、とまりぎを](a mouthful eh?). The artwork is fantastic.

This month features a few pages on Alice Parade.

Brand new ToHeart2 game out soon.

Expect more from the Pia Carrot [Piaキャロットへようこそ] series next year. Aoi-chan is so cute! (the one on the far right with blue hair)

Theres even Gundam news too! I'm guessing that Gundam fans like eroge girls?

Yumeji from Sugar and Spice out 28th September.

One of the big games out this year - Hoshiful [ほしフル] - artwork by Akane Ikegami.
Bet you are surprised to learn that many eroge illustrations are done by women. Ito Noiji-san is a lady too. I was surprised that Azamiyuko was a lady too ^^;

Out November the 22nd is Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori [そして明日の世界より].

Fortune Aterial is another big title out this Winter.

Aster out 26th of October.

Chitose from Kamisama ote yawarakani [姫さまっ、お手やわらかに!]

More from Kamipani. Need to use bigger Mirai Marks as we progress - don't forget the Nosebleed function to remove them ^^

Pastel out 22nd November.

Aquanauts of a morning calm [朝凪のアクアノーツ] out 26th October.

Mirai Mark going overtime! Magus Tale out 30th November.

I can see this character becoming a figure. Art work by the same person who brought us Escalayer. Beat Blades Haruka [超昂閃忍 ハルカ].

More Haruka.

This was only labeled as an illustration.

Ne Pon Rai Pon [ね〜PON?×らいPON!] out now.

Might as well have a look at this months Megami Magazine too. Megami also includes an Ito Noiji shitajiki of Sumomo.

I prefer the Dengeki Hime version though^^;

Yuhiko gets her back scrubbed by haruka.

Still need to start Moetan - is that all fanservice?

Second season of Zero no tsukaima is great. Siesta and Henrietta looking awesomely cute.

Still need to start School Days.

Remember that you can keep an eye on the top selling 150 eroge titles in the ranking charts although I do notice quite a few yaoi titles in there...


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