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Tokyo Matsuri

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2007/08/31 19:59 JST In Japan
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Matsuri (祭り(まつり)) means "festival" and there are a load of Matsuri to be enjoyed in the Summer.
The Azabujyuban Noryo Matsuri (麻布十番納涼まつり) is a huge matsuri held annually in the Azabujyuban district. Azabujyuban (麻布十番) may ring a bell for those who have played the Metal Gear Solid series.

You will find many stalls of food, traditional games, cute girls dressed in yukata and a lot of people.

The Azabujyuban district is surrounded by foreign embassies which is why you will always see Gaijin folk in the area.

The Noryo matsuri is usually held at the end of August and is nice to attend to walk about, eat some grub and enjoy the culture.

This is Ikayaki - squid on a stick.

This is called Kodomo Damashi (子供だまし) and means "to cheat the kids."
The parent will fork out a few hundred yen for the kid to pick up floating balls from the water. Great business model ^^

Azabujyuban is located just a few minutes away from Roppongi Hills - a nice spot to enjoy an afternoon of strolling and then a film at the hills in the evening.

The lady is wearing a traditional Yukata. Its common to see many out n about on the trains in the summer wearing these.

If you plan to go to a matsuri then you don't need to schedule in dinner as there is plenty to eat.

It can get crowdy at times though.

Dont bother bringing a rucksack as it will start to annoy you when you get bounced left right and center.

Windbell writes about a recent matsuri held in Singapore - check it out. If you have info of Matsuri held in your region too then feel free to share.

Not pictured here but there is also traditional dancing and drum beating to be enjoyed.

This guy is making baby castella - you can see him pouring the yellow base into the mold. Tasty and fragrant.

This matsuri is so popular that it can be difficult to get to as many of the roads around the surrounding area are closed off and only certain exits from the station can be used.

This is Taco Yaki or fried octopus balls. Bet you didn't know that Octopus had balls.


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