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From now on going to try to bring you regular news on the latest eroge releases. Am only going to feature on the ones with the bishojo characters. All outgoing links in this post can be considered SFW not.

First up is Iroha Aki no yuuhi ni Kagefumi wo (いろは ~秋の夕日に影ふみを~) which seems to feature girls with neko mimi. I still dont get the neko mimi thing.

Akane Iro ni Somaru Zaka (あかね色に染まる坂) which features a ton of rather cute girls - you may remember seeing them on this huge bedsheet (wouldn't you love to have one?).

Next up is Step x Steady by Lover Soul.

Whenever you are viewing official sites for eroge, look for the word "キャラクター" (Characters) to see who's in the game and also look for "イベント" (event) or "ギャラリー" (gallery) or "CG" for the screen shots.

Next is Lyrical Lyric (リリカル りりっく) - artwork by none other than Pink Chu Chu.

More Lyrical Lyric - I've seen bed sheets with each of the characters printed on em. If you like Pink Chu Chu then you will want this.

Ore wa Kanojo wo Shinjiteiru (俺は彼女を信じてる!).
Nosebleed function enabled.

Illustration book for the game "Osanajimi to Amaku Ecchi ni Sugosu Houhou" (幼なじみと甘くエッチに過ごす方法) by illustrator Choco Chip. Nosebleed function dozo.

The Megachu girls in their 2nd DVD. This is an ero DVD only - no game playing involved. Screencaps from the first DVD here.

Specialite (すぺしゃりて) by Web Giga.

Nami no Manimani Plus (波の間に間に ぷらす) by illustrator Peko who I mention in this post.

Clear (クリア)by MoonStone.

Nono to Kuraso (ののと暮らそ). Click on the squares on this page to see some cute action!

Kura no Naka wa Kiken ga Ippai (蔵の中はキケンがいっぱい!?) by Fandc.

Koi suru Otome... (恋する乙女と守護の楯).

If you like School Days then you will like Summer Days - the official site.

If you like the work of Noiji Ito (Shakugan no Shana, Nanatsuiro Drops etc) then you will want to see Ito-sans ero work in this game Alice Parade (ALICEぱれーど) out in October - some screenshots on the official HP.
Interesting to see that Ito Noiji is using the name "Ito Zatsuon" (伊東雑音) for eroge illustrations.

All these games can be purchased at the Asobit game store in Chuou Dori Akihabara.
Those who cant get to Akihabara can have a look on J-List or through Amazon by using the Top selling 150 eroge ranking chart.

If you are interested in playing with eroge, Mac users can install Parallels - make sure DirectX is enabled on the virtual machine before booting up the image.

Windows users (Parallels users will have to do this too) should go into Regional Settings in the control panel to enable Japanese language display. Once that is done, you should have the option to add the Japanese input method.

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