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Free Food in Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2007/08/29 01:32 JST In Japan
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You are in Japan and are trying to save as much money as possible to spend in Akihabara. You already are saving by spending only 3,000 yen per night at cheap accommodation but you also need to save on eating too - what do you do?

Well you can get yourself along to a super market where you normally come across something called "Shishoku Corner" [試食コーナー[ししょくこーなー]] - its usually a table set up with samples of food for you to try out. Some of the Shishoku Corners are filled with everything from freshly cooked sausages (like the ones in this picture) to sushi, sashimi, Gyoza (fried dumplings) etc.
Some folks like Crayon Shinchan can walk in and out on a full stomach - especially at the Daiei in Himonya.

Back in the UK, I never saw free food at Tescos - only the free food that people walkout with without paying for...


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