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Freeing Haruhi

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2007/08/27 16:05 JST In Figures
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When this Freeing Haruhi bunny first went up for pre-order, I didn't bother because the scale was too big - 1/4 scale.
I then saw her in the flesh at the Kotobukiya shop and realized just how cute she was but was then overcome with that dreadful feeling of regret as I knew that I couldn't get her anymore.

I met up with Ryukawa-san when he was in Japan recently and in his hand he had a big bag...

Thanks to Rykawa-san for this gorgeous sample - I promise to treasure her forever!
Folks in Singapore should get over to Sunshine Plaza to have a gander at Ryukawa-sans horde of figures.

I seem to be in the position for receiving a load of free figures of late - Fauna, Haruka and the Kotobukia Haruhi were also samples received from folks in the figure industry.

I doubt however that knowing people in the idol industry would get me free idols though.

Haruhi has a gorgeous pair of eyes.

The tights are amazing - they are real too so you would want to handle her with care - I can see many men crying if the tights ripped.

I'm still hopeless at indoor photography but its too hot in the afternoon for outdoor shots - my figures would melt (me too.)

Her corset (is that what its called?) is plastic but feels like leather (kind of.)

Out of all the Freeing Bunnies - this one is my fave. Didn't like the expression on the Mikuru version.

The head turns which is good as you can stick her on either side of your desk and have her look at you.

Handle with care.

Paint does rub off from her hair onto her shoulders when you turn her head but I guess that cant be helped.

Its nice to see a company like Freeing come out of nowhere and produce such high quality figures.

Really cute eyes.

One of the best figures I have in the collection - much recommended. A new lot is going up for pre-order soon so keep yer mince pies peeled.


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