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One of the most interesting games I spotted at the Comike - could this be the Idol Master killer?

TimeLeap is an eroge to be released by Front Wing this December for Windows - the same company that brought us Fauna in Megachu and Kimihagu.

Apart from the usual naughtiness, the girls are rendered in 3D and you can see them dancing around in maid and school outfits below. This is another reason to install Parallels on my MBP.

Above: The Timeleap girls in school uniform - cute!
Above:Timeleap girls in maid outfits - yum!
Above: Downloadable demo available here.
Above: Ayumu Nagase-chan.
Above: You Hayama-chan.
Above: Ayumu-chan.
Above: Komomo Shinonome-chan.
Above: Haruka Kawasumi-chan.
Above: And to remind you what Idol Master looks like on the XBOX360.
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