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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/08/21 17:57 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Next up is the Gundam stuff from Chara Hobby.
This is a coolsome Musha Gundam mod at the Hobby Japan booth. Always feeling like playing Gundam Musou whenever I look at this.

1/60 scale Gundam 00 mobile suits.

First Grade.

More First Grade.

Limited edition PG 1/60 RX78.

Cant remember which series these are from - F91?

MG Destiny.

Panty low angle shot of Destiny.

Turn A - looks OK actually.

Would you buy this?

I personally would feel insulted if I received this as a present.

This woud have looked better in the middle of the hall - instead it was kinda left to one side. Poor RX78.

Wooden Gundam.

Gundam Jigsaw. Any Jigsaw fans out there?

Zeon Clock.

More Zeon Clock at 7,350 yen. I want to see a Renpo clock too.

Strike mod.

More Strike mod.

Advance Of Zeta goodies follow.

Never seen this before but I'm guessing Turn-A.

Gundam Diorama.

This is made of paper.

Testament Gundam.

Mudrock - I want.

1/48 scale.

Gouf 1/60 scale.


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