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Code Geass

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2007/08/21 03:05 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Next up is the Code Geass stuff from Chara Hobby.
Been waiting for a decent figure of Kallen and here she is ready to be painted. Will let you know when pre-order info is up.

Back of the sculpt looks great.

I fell over and took this low angle shot by accident - sorry.

Shes looking good so far.

Fell over again.

B Club version of Kallen - not as nice as the previous.

But still nice.

I didn't fall over this time.

Soon to be PVC C.C - not too sure about the face though.

Kallens frame.

Zero and C.Cs mean machine in 24/25.

Lancelot before he looses his arm in 24/25.

Kit of Kallens frame - forgot the name of this machine.

Seems that all the Geass characters including the men have been marketed with an oo-er factor.

This illustration should be made into a figure with full cast off!

This too!

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