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Gundam Unicorn

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2007/08/19 00:29 JST In Mecha
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Just got back from Chara Hobby 2007. If you have just changed your underpants then you will need bleach for your next pair to remove the new skid marks - Gundam Unicorn.

I dont know much about Gundam Unicorn apart from the fact that its a novel. I personally prefer the designs for Unicorn over Gundam 00 and have been wondering if they will ever bring out models of the Unicorn series.

This is the RX-0. While the placard only mentions that its a prototype at 1/100 scale, I'm guessing from the hands that its intended to be an MG. Doesn't look like it can transform though.

The mecha on the Gundam Unicorn site calls it "Unicorn Gundam" but the story is "Gundam Unicorn" so not sure whats up with the inconsistency - or is there something I dont know about the naming of Gundams. Whatever, I bet Gunota knows.

More coverage later including footage of Gundam 00 that was screened earlier at the Gundam Expo.

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