Japan and Smoking

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/11/18 07:56 JST In Japan
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What Japan Thinks has a survey of Japanese smoking habits.

Q1: Do you smoke? (Sample size=14,473)
Currently smoke 23.6%
Used to smoke (to end of survey) 23.2%
Never smoked (to end of survey) 53.1%

Q2: About how many cigarettes do you smoke per day? (Sample size=current smokers)
One or less 2.3%
Two to five 6.9%
Six to ten 16.4%
Eleven to fifteen 16.6%
Sixteen to twenty 32.9%
Twenty-one to thirty 16.6%
Thirty-one or more 8.1%
No answer 0.2%

The 23.6% who said that they smoke seems very low though as I still get the impression that most of the population smokes.

Had one single puff in my life during my teens to see what it was like. Personally find the smell and smoke unbearable (have asthma) but have a load of friends who smoke.
Image from Gelbooru.

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